St. John’s believes one of the major goals of an elementary school should be to teach children how to learn.  In addition, we believe that learning, even though hard work, can be fun! St. John’s offers single-graded classrooms in all grades, Preschool through Grade 8.  In all classes, the teacher is sensitive to the needs of each child and strives to develop lessons that will challenge each child to achieve his/her full potential. The most important aspect of our school is the children.  We enjoy watching them grow and develop as they continue through the years with us.  Our small class size allows us to get to know each child and his/her family personally.  We make every attempt to limit each classroom to no more than 28 students (Grades 1-8). All subjects required for a well-rounded education are taught at St. John’s.  In addition religion is taught and modeled on a daily basis.  On Wednesday, we worship together in chapel service. Yearly, we are involved in achievement testing (MAP) in Grades 3-8 to help determine the growth of children in our program.

Program Components


St. John’s teaches the Christian faith which emphasizes that Christianity is a way of life, not a set of laws dictating behavior.  The faith focuses on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of all.


Children are taught several strategies including phonics (letter sounds), linguistics (groups of letters), and use of context to figure out a new word.  Aspects of whole language and print intensive environments are integrated with each strategy.  Older students work extensively in the area of literature.


Students are given many opportunities throughout the grades to develop their personal writing skills.  Spelling, Handwriting and English are taught to enable students to write properly.


Teachers generally take a small group approach to teaching math, allowing children to progress at a rate comfortable for their given talents.  At lower grades, many manipulatives are used to give students concrete experiences with mathematical concepts.  Pre-Algebra and Algebra in the middle school grades allow students to be well prepared for high school.

Science/Social Studies

The emphasis of these programs is hands-on experience.  The teachers are involved in equipping the students with the skills and concepts of these areas:  map reading, categorizing, organizing, data collection, drawing conclusions, graphs and charts, research, and keeping accurate records.

Art/Music/Physical Ed.

These areas of the curriculum lend themselves to allowing children to move into activities that expand their perception of the world around them.  Experience is given in a wide variety of media, activities, and opportunities for growth.  An instrumental band and strings program is offered during the school day for students in Grades 4-8.


Students in Grades 3-8 receive classes in Spanish from our certified foreign language specialists.  Many students use their experience in foreign language at St. John’s as a springboard to further study in high school and beyond.


Computers and the internet are available in each classroom and in the technology lab.  Every student is encouraged and given the opportunity to use computers on a weekly basis.  SMART Boards, Mimio Boards, Google Chromebooks, and Laptops are used throughout the building.


The Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program offers one on one or small group instruction to students who are ready to move ahead (enrichment), or to those who need a little extra assistance in the areas of math, reading, or student skills (assistance).